Back in the Swing

by Chet

I woke up bright and early this morning, around 8 A.M., to the sound of my roommates discussing my state of dress.

“I should go wake him up.”

“What if he isn’t dressed?”


I was basically still asleep; Therefore, I didn’t catch the entire conversation I hope you’ll forgive me. I lay in bed for another 15 minutes or so before I decide to get up. In that time girlfriend comes in. She’s still in pajamas and looking cute.

“Good-morning love.”


“Doug just left. He wanted to come and wake you up.”

“So I heard.”

“I’m going to take a shower. You should get up and wash my breakfast dishes.”

What? She woke up made breakfast for herself and now she wants me to do the dishes. I couldn’t help but think she had lost her mind. She was grinning at me, and as I gradually awoke I understood that she was only kidding. She left the room to shower, and I got up to find a vacant restroom.

When I returned downstairs she was clean and I was hungry, but I showered instead of eating. However it only takes me five or ten minutes to shower. After my shower I dressed. I had decided last night that I wanted to wear slacks today and so I wore my slacks and a button down. I talked to girlfriend for a bit while she was getting ready, but then my stomach growled. I hate that it growls in the mornings. I never used to eat breakfast, but it got used to being fed over this winter break. I will destroy its want to eat breakfast soon enough, or maybe just its want to eat lunch. Which meal is less important?

I made toast; two slices. One of the slices had apricot preserves and strawberry jam on the other. I love fruits. Girlfriend and I lounged in the living room for a bit watching Regis and Kelley, because we would rather do that than go to the university early. After learning that Oprah has signed on with Discovery Communications, and will have her own cable television network in 2009, we left.

We drove around two of the larger commuter parking lots today. I always knew that parking at SHSU is a major hassle, but I have never had to deal with it like I did today. Hopefully I will be able to navigate the parking lots better in the near future. Either way today we both felt really awkward as we stalked people in the parking lot. It wasn’t a cool kind of stalking like a lion following a gazelle; it was creepier stalking, like a cute girl being followed by an asthmatic physics nerd. We finally spotted a girl who was walking to her car. She pulled out and we pulled in. It was a glorious accomplishment.

I walked girlfriend to her class, and then headed over to my old dorm. There I ran into my friend Jessica and she asked if I wanted to walk with her to her class. So I did. She had ten minutes to get to class and had promised the professor that she wouldn’t be late anymore. Of course as we’re trekking over to the Evans Complex she asks if I have any gum. I didn’t. So she decided that we would go to Barnes and Noble to pick up some gum. I laughed and thought, so much for being on time.

Outside of the book store I ran into some friends, Shaun and Jordan. We talked about some concert projects that are going on around town, and how each of us is going to be involved. We shot the breeze for a few moments before I realized Jessica was just standing there. So I told the guys we’d catch up later and started to walk off. As I walked away Jordan called over and said that I looked nice. I had almost forgotten that I was dressed in more than my regular tee-shirt and jeans, so I was a bit confused at first. I thanked him and moved on.

After the book store Jess and I made our way to the foreign language building. She informed me that although she was on time, she wasn’t quite sure which room her class was being held in. I laughed again. Lucky for her the professor was still in their office and available to solve the problem. I bid Jessica farewell and made my way back to Spivey.

While in Spivey I printed out a copy of my award letter to bring in to the Residence Life department. I had apparently turned in the wrong one with my application to break my housing contract. I sent a instant message to my uncle and we chatted for a bit about the nuances of hunting down and getting a response from prospective business opportunities. It was 10:35; my class was scheduled to start at 11 and I still had to get this piece of paper over to ResLife. I signed off my computer account, collected my print out and set off for the ResLife building with a quick step.

Luckily I didn’t run into anyone on my way to the building otherwise my time frame would have been ruined! I got to the office, dropped off the paper, and climbed the great hill to the Dan Rather Communications Building.

My first and only class of the day was Writing for Public Relations and Advertising or MCM 383. I prefer the latter because it’s easier to type, especially since there is no “ctrl+i” in the process. I think I am the only male in this class. I am greatly outnumbered. Which I used to consider pretty great odds, but since I met girlfriend those odds don’t mean much to me anymore. We only discussed the syllabus today in class and then the professor assigned a quick writing assignment. She called it “autobiography”. We were to utilize half a page to explain to her why we were taking the class. I think though that the assignment was more or less an easy way to get a handle on our writing talents.

After class I checked my cell phone and I had missed a call from the SHSU Switchboard. Those calls are always exciting because SHSU Switchboard means it could be any living soul calling my number from a campus phone. Luckily though this person left a voice mail!

“Hi Chet, this is Mary Thaler with the Residence Life department and I am calling to say that I am going _________your application to break housing…”

You’re going to what to my housing contract? I had instantly become infuriated with my cell phone’s inability to relay this one voice mail to me in its entirety.

“You will be charged the $100.00 liquidation fee…”

After that the rest of the message was white noise to me. A liquidation fee meant that my application to break had been approved, and most importantly I no longer owe SHSU any money for this semester! I did a happy dance and started calling people who would care that I was out of the contract.

I walked and found girlfriend and told her the news, while I sat on hold with ResLife for 12 minutes. I finally got through and said that I needed to check out of my room. More paperwork was involved. Girlfriend and I opted to not go to ResLife at that moment. Instead I brought her home and we ate lunch. After lunch I drove her to her office for work and met with Doug to run my errands. I asked him to go with me so that one I would have the company and two I’d have his help in bringing all of my belongings out of my dorm room. We went and packed up my room into Kia and chatted with some friends from the dorm for a couple minutes or 30 minutes whatever it was.

I took Doug to Whataburger so that he could get lunch for himself. He bought me a root beer so that was exciting!

I ran over to TV 78 to meet with Paul Shiver. Then over to Bank of America to withdraw and deposit some cash. Then finally back to Spivey. It was time for Jessica’s office hours. (Yes it’s the same Jessica as earlier, she just happened to be my friend and RA.) She took my keys, inspected my room, and had me sign the papers. I was free of ResLife’s grip on me! Douglas then discussed anti-matter and positrons with Jessica as I sat silently and did a happy dance in my head.

My day essentially ended there. It slowed down to a normal pace at least. I only sent out a few e-mails after that. Picked girlfriend up, ran to Wally World, and had dinner. It’s not nearly 10:30 and I have a class at eight tomorrow morning. I am not excited. Alas it is time for me to part with this blog for your enjoyment.

Until next time.