First Day: Part Deux

by Chet

Today is the day that I teach my first lab for the SHSU Physics department. I have been looking forward to this day since late November. I am excited that I get to meet all these people, and then I get to control their grades. I am hoping that there are some entertaining ones that will strike up some stories. I need to begin devising a way to censor the stories so that I am not actually writing about a real person. Is name changing enough?

I am headed to the university to start my day. I may write while I’m in class or teaching.

So it is now Thursday and I have taught three of my four labs. All of them so far have been Introduction to Astronomy labs, my favorites! My first lab on Monday was rather uneventful. All of the students came in and looked pissed off to be there. I didn’t know what to do with them. They didn’t really ask many questions but whatever I guess? It didn’t help that we were reviewing basic algebra I couldn’t remember some things that would have been awesome to know at that point in time. I did however figure the math out again and remember everything, but not until after class.

My second lab was alright too, the students were more talkative and asked more questions. I even have one student who is narcoleptic. I do wonder how that will pan out in the end.

My third lab has been my favorite so far. I know, I shouldn’t play favorites, but these students came in and were excited about being at school not filled with this pissy attitude. Although there was this one group that had gathered at the back of the class room. There were 7 of them wrapped around the corner of one lab table! I told them they might want to spread out to other tables because it would be easier to work. In return I got a snotty remark about whether or not I wanted them to bring their own tables or what? I didn’t have a response so I moved on with my lecture. Everything else went great in this lab, lots of questions and stuff. I like showing people new things, I can’t wait to bring them to the planetarium!

Anyway that has been my week of teaching thus far!

Until next time,


(Updated January 31, 2008)