There’s No Place Like Home

by Chet

First of all I’d like to say thank goodness for having internet service at home. It was beyond inconvenient going up to the university everyday to leech wireless internet. One day I was a genius and killed the car battery, because I didn’t put any thought into the radio being on. Oh well I suppose, Doug jumped the car and all was good. Now I can sit at home from the comfort of my couch and write! I have missed writing, but I haven’t felt inspired lately, but I decided that I needed to update my audience anyway.

We officially moved into our house on January 4, it was a long day! Girlfriend, girlfriend’s parents, and I all drove in from Austin that day. Then girlfriend’s dad, Doug, and I unloaded the moving truck. There really wasn’t a lot but there were two couches and a futon bed. Those were the biggest and heaviest of all the furniture. Doug and I moved the first couch and futon in with no real trouble. The futon was harder because it had to go upstairs. The worse was the last couch. Not only is it a sofa, but it’s a sofa bed! I never knew those things were so heavy, but I suppose it actually makes a lot of sense that it is heavy. I mean it is a sofa full of metal.

We brought the sofa in through the front door and negotiated it into the stair way by sliding and standing it straight up. Unfortunately our stairs are more steep than normal and it was a major pain getting the couch upstairs. One the way up my head was pinned against the wall and then the couch fell on my chest. It was pretty exciting. When we finally arrived upstairs we learned that the couch was taller than the door frame. Of course we didn’t learn this lesson until Doug was blocked into the bed room and I was blocked into the bathroom. Through some miraculous event Doug pulled the bottom of the couch just right and it just slid into the room. We clapped and cheered and well maybe we didn’t do that. We just placed it in the room.

We had officially moved in! All that was left to do was to set it all up. We spent the next three days setting the house up and putting things on the walls. Now we have been living in the house for almost two weeks and love it. We cook our dinners every night in a full kitchen where the stove doesn’t lean. I think that is one of the most exciting parts.

For me I really enjoy living with my love and my best friend. They’re great people to share the apartment with, although we are all three adjusting to living with each other full time. We knew there would be a little tension at first until we adjusted to everyone’s little nuances. I think we are doing alright though.

I suppose that is all that has really been going on. I haven’t exactly been living the most riveting life since I got back to Huntsville. Hopefully things will change when classes start again. Which is tomorrow by the way; I’m not ready for classes to start. I really have been enjoying hanging out at home and doing nothing for most of the day. Call me lazy, but that’s how I roll. Oh well at least this way I will be going on adventures at school! I start work soon; maybe I will be able to write some great stories about the classes I will be teaching!

Until next time,