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Month: February, 2008

Good and Bad Foods

Good Food— Bad Food— Wasabi Peas are the worst thing ever created. (Please excuse the out of focus photo) They are little green peas that are covered in more green stuff. They look innocent at first, but then, you place one in your mouth, that is when the real fun starts. Your eyes swell up […]

Yay! hedgies!

I want one of these! Anyone can buy one for me if you’d like.

Busy, busy…That’s how one could describe me. That is if their audience appreciates a liar.

I don’t even remember the date of my last blog post. I kinda feel bad that I haven’t been writing. I have gotten some more traffic to the site lately, and I have had repeat visitors. I must be a rather disappointing blogger since I only update every one to two weeks. I should probably […]