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Month: March, 2008

This is Awesome.


I did two new things recently. First, I built my first professional website. Professional meaning I was paid for it!! See it at Secondly, I have written and sent in my first Press Release. YAY for baby steps. Everyone please join me in hoping that it is picked up and ran! PS. Sorry so […]

Guilty Pleasures

Hi… My name is Chet, and I’m an Amy Winehouse fan. I am not proud of this. I actually do not admit it often, but I decide it was time to come out after I recently received a copy of her Back to Black album from my boss. My relationship with Winehouse’s music began when […]

The Truth About Heaven

I wrote this my senior year in high school. It’s meant a lot to me since then, and was actually more work to put on paper than you’d think. Some of the personalities of the people below are highly, highly embellished and were used for emphasis only. Some of the events are a little blurred […]

Trouble at Sam Houston State University?

Last week, a lone computer lab at Sam Houston State University announced that they would be seceding from the entire university system. The Statistics of Behavioral Sciences class has joined together to stop class time interruptions. This is a totally unprecedented move as most classes only announce that they are “in session” to keep from […]