Trouble at Sam Houston State University?

by Chet

Last week, a lone computer lab at Sam Houston State University announced that they would be seceding from the entire university system. The Statistics of Behavioral Sciences class has joined together to stop class time interruptions. This is a totally unprecedented move as most classes only announce that they are “in session” to keep from being disturbed.

It has been speculated that the decision to secede was based on the fact that not enough students take the time to read the little door hangers announcing class sessions. President Gaertner said, “It is appalling to think that our students have been pushed to such drastic measures to ensure their classes are not interrupted.”

University officials are still trying to open up lines of communication with the class room before anything too drastic occurs. Some believe that outside students will just have to wait to use the computer lab when the class’ scheduled time has passed.

Some students, though, are fighting back against the rogues. They have decided to enter the class room, sign or no sign. We have not yet heard from our covert reporters in the field. We fear that they may have joined, or have been taken captive by the rogue statistics class.

Stay tuned for Updates…

Updated: March 5, 2008—

The stand-off between university officials and the rogue class, which had dubbed itself the United Emirates of Statisticians, ended early Monday morning. Though no details have been released about negotiations between the two parties, we were informed that a regular “class in session” door hanger was found hanging from LDB 203’s door knob.

The peace agreement will be celebrated tonight at old Sam’s cabin.