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Month: May, 2008

Which do you think is better?

I’ve recently made up some new logos for myself. I haven’t decided 100% which one I want to use yet, maybe both in the end. Anyway, here they are. Let me know what you think in comments.

I love tiny, yellow notepads

The following is a collection of thoughts and annotations from a day I spent working at the LEMIT front desk. This is how exciting it can be. I like tiny notepads. I don’t particularly understand, however, why I keep frantically searching the LEMIT desk for a working pen. I know that there is a perfect […]

Another semester gone by…

Today is the first Monday after finals week. I’m at work. I’ve been here since 7 AM. I am not happy about that. These are the simplest sentences I have constructed in a long time. Now it’s time to move past my Monday morning cynicism. Finals week came and went without much applause. I spent […]

Micro-Blackholes Engulf MY Small Town.

So apparently a sinkhole formed in my hometown yesterday. I’ve been following it on the news since then. I would like to go home and gawk at this site, but since I have Finals next week, I can’t. Although it is a fairly large hole, I don’t think it is going anywhere anytime soon. I […]

This title Is Too Clever For Your Tiny Brain To Comprehend.

I can’t think of anything to write up proper today. So here’s a quick and dirty run down:   Two major projects for the semester are complete. Work sucks for various reasons. People at work don’t suck. The Stardust Room has failed us all, and hence is now under a city-wide boycott. Don’t eat there, […]