Another semester gone by…

by Chet

Today is the first Monday after finals week. I’m at work. I’ve been here since 7 AM. I am not happy about that. These are the simplest sentences I have constructed in a long time. Now it’s time to move past my Monday morning cynicism.

Finals week came and went without much applause. I spent many anxious days concerned of my Principles of PR exam, instead of actually preparing for said exam. I ended up cramming for two hours the night before the exam and making an 88 on the test, which gave me a nice A in the class. Speaking of A’s, I’ve pulled another 4.0. This is the second semester in a row! (Uncannily that rhymes, I hate it when I say things that rhyme. It makes me feel like an illegitimate Dr. Seuss.) It amazes me that the higher my class numbers get the better my grades have gotten. Three of my four collegiate B’s were in 100-level classes, the other was a 200-level honors class, and I technically deserved a C, thus I will not be complaining about that B.

Not much has happened since I last wrote here. There is still a massive crater in my home town. I may get to go see it next weekend. Wouldn’t that be sweet? I will sit and contemplate some kind of anecdote to share with you, whenever I am not feeling so sleepy.

Oh! I spent the entire weekend alone in my house with my beautiful girlfriend. Our roommate is out of town, and so we had a nice weekend together.


Also, I made this today on a whim…


Until next time,