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Month: June, 2008

I call BS on this one.

I like to think of myself as quite a politically liberal charactar. It’s amazing the viewpoints I can hold since I was raised in South-East Texas. I don’t know if we fall under the general Bible Belt region, but we should have. Misled Republican-Conservatism is afoot in them dar hills. (Note: There are no hills […]

Easy-Breezy Day.

I don’t have any immediate readings that I must accomplish for my Philosphy class this morning. I decided in turn to take some time to update a bit. As I said last week I spent this past weekend in Galveston. The water is still as brownish as I remember, and the sun just as hot, […]

I want to watch more movies and relax, that’d be nice.

I watched Grandma’s Boy the other night. It was awesome, again. Alright so I’m watching an episode of The Simpsons online, and they have The Dixie Chicks doing a skit. I don’t know if it’s actually them doing the voices, but, one second. Yes, it was them for reals yo. I can’t believe I just […]

It’s Interviewin’ Time…

I’ve put it off long enough. Here is the highly anticipated (okay so I made that up) ChetG exclusive interview with Sir Isaac Marion. I also made that sir thing up. if you’re interested check out the book excerpt at Burning Building. The Rules are easy, bold I said it, not bold he said it. […]

I wrote a book review; you did not.

As I’ve mentioned before I just finished reading The Inside. After such I made contact with the author, Isaac Marion. We have completed a short interview over the Web and I also gave him a short review of the book. I am not yet ready to post the interview yet, but it will be up […]