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Month: July, 2008

“Some friends and I started a Fight Club.”

Earlier this week I finished reading Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. I’ve been hacking away at this 200-page wonder for about three weeks. I know that’s a ridiculous amount of time for a book that small, but I’ve been busy. I know that most people have probably watched or at least heard of the Fight […]

Things I’ve Learned from Tech Support

I’m smarter than them. (Except Adam, he did a helluva job.) They understand that jazz is more soothing than Muzak while the customer is on hold. The first, easily forgettable, guy I spoke with this wonderful morning helped me do exactly what I was already able to do! According to Dubya he also did a […]

Update: Someone has a sense of humor.

All credit for this goes to Truthdig, I just happened to Stumble across it. In lieu of the recent New Yorker/Obama “fiasco” I believe this should definitely be their next cover.

This is Awesome!

This really cracked me up at work, no matter how ethnically insensitive it is. I grew up in the Pokemon age, and still love it. Whenever I can afford or can convince someone to buy me a Nintendo DS. I will be playing some new age Pokemon! Hope you guys laugh too.

Logos Part 2

I know we’ve done this dance before, but after a few months, and some design decisions. I’ve reworked my logo ideas into a much more minimalistic, and much more functional design. Here they are, let me know what you peoples think. I’ve included a black and then a color mock-up. Comments on this post will […]