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Month: August, 2008

Teeny-Bopper T.V.

I’m home alone watching Teeny-Bopper TV on ABC Family. You know, I used to watch the Family Channel in a time and place far away from now. I watched it then because there was a Super Mario Bros. cartoon. Now I am watching it for this show that I’ve gotten used to watching with girlfriend. […]

Introduction to Grammar.

This post isn’t really about anything. I just happened to stumble onto this image and thought of myself. I hope i have friends that agree with the hilarity of this. This image belongs to:

*sad face*: An extravagnaza of sadness.

I know I said something about my next post being about grammar, but I am sending my laptop off to Tennessee today for repairs. The LCD had become very loose, and the case was beginning to open and reveals its inner-mystery. Similar to Pandora’s Box, but with less negative effects on a whole. Let’s all […]

Similar to the Panda, it’s a mystery to me how IE has survived.

I recently entered the position of Web master at SHSU Recreational Sports. There are many projects that I am about to embark upon, but my first conquest is “fixing” the navigation bar. The following is the chronicle of my adventure into the land of CSS-only coding and design. Before I begin there are a few […]