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Month: September, 2008

I can see Russia from my house!

San Diego! pt. 1

Girlfriend and I flew out of Houston Thursday night on the last plane to San Diego. We waited on stand-by for 3.5 hours. I had a reserved seat on the flight, she did not. It was very nerve racking for the both of us. We were terrified that Hurrican Ike had ruined our plans, and […]

Hurricane Gustav suffered from ED; Hurricane Ike has gusto!

This whole hurricane thing has become unnecessarily inconvenient for me in less than 12 hours. First, and this isn’t a bad thing, it was just surprising, my father informs me that my mother and brothers would be arriving at my house bright an early this morning. This was apparently meant to be the first stop […]

Where’s Chet?

This is why I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve been trying to think of something worthwhile wo blog about, but I’ve been failing at most attempts. The fall semester began, and that has essentially, and reasonably speaking, been occupying most of my time. It also means that I’ve been reading a lot, but text […]

Failed Attempts at Logic

Today is a two-for-one deal; very similar to Payless’ BOGO sales. First off, I awoke this morning to an ever-so cheery Cooter in my Radio! This is basically what happens every morning, and I’ve become less and less frustrated with this inappropriately named man speaking to me in the last moments of my dream-state. There […]