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Month: March, 2009

Real Women

I’ve always had respect for Dove, in that they have the guts to use women who do not look like traditional models in their advertisements. As nice as it was to ogle “super-models”, it’s always so much more comforting to know that the women I’ve always found to be truly attractive can exist in pop […]

Bending AIG Over the Proverbial Barrel

Cuomo is mad and I don’t mean Rivers.

Programmer’s Delight

I’ve finally defeated most of the spammers in the world. I’ve struggled for months trying to solve my spam issues, to finally reach a resolve. There are multiple security techniques mentioned, though not explained. Help is provided if you’re feeling left out.

Is this the Real World?

In this blog Chet laments a bit about his role has Firm Principal in his PR firm, and how quickly he’s had to learn to deal with employees.

Take Note

This past weekend I was in Frisco, TX at the annual Texas Public Relations Association Conference. This is my second year to attend, and I had just as great an experience this time as last. I went to the conference in order to learn and expand my ideas on the Public Relations field, and of course to spread my network.