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Month: July, 2009

Bar-B-Q; am I abandoning you?

Today I ate lunch at Johnny T’s BBQ. It was basically the most deliciously moist (they also offer lean cuts) brisket that has cross my lips in quite some time! Also a very large serving of meat on my lunch plate. Most definitely no skimping at Johnny T’s. My lunch was served with a mayo […]

One Sad, Sad Day

Now I’m not the same Nirvana is the almighty, angst filled teenager I was once upon some time ago, but really? This would be majorly disappointing whenever I run into these kids. I will have to give them a brief lesson in 90s music. The era before everything sounded the same. via Surviving the World […]

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince; reviewed.

This morning Colie and I stepped out into the brave world of the witching hours to see the newest J.K. Rowling inspired blockbuster, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. First off, it’s been two years since I read this book. This is important to note because I have a terrible time remembering the chain of […]

For The Benefit of The Interns

This summer as been an awesome time of professional growth. Since may I’ve been employed by the City of Round Rock, Texas as the Marketing Intern at their Convention and Visitors Bureau. This opportunity has taught a lot about myself in a professional world. It has also helped that I have great office mates! Granted […]

Web Designer Declaration of Independence

I’m a huge fan of Web Design standards, and if I could I’d love to work with the W3C more closely. I believe that all Web developers, designers and users should follow their standards and stop taking petty shortcuts. Apparently I’m not alone; I’ve optimistically assumed that I never was alone in this. Sam Dunn […]