Afternoon Theatre

by Chet

Today I read a blog post by my good buddy KFO-G called Get The Popcorn. Throughout the summer she’s posted small reviews about the movies that she’s been watching. I’m woefully jealous of the time she has taken to actually do that, and completely shown me up. However she’s always been a much, much steadier blogger than I.

The most important part about her post today is her review of He’s Just Not That Into You:

I loved this movie! It had a ton of famous people in it. It had a lot of different story lines going on it once, but was easy to follow and fun to see how they would all relate back to eachother. I think this is one of those chick flicks that the guys could also enjoy. This one goes on the rainy day movie list.

I’m going to go ahead and pop her bubble. This is not a movie I think guys will enjoy. I think this movie was about an hour longer than it needed to be. While watching it with Fiancee, we checked the time about an hour and fifteen in, it had another hour left and I had no idea where else they could take the story. In the end it didn’t go far. I will say that it makes a good rainy day movie if you just want to get some warm and fuzzy in your life. However it does not measure up to other films.

Which brings me to my next story point. A few weeks ago Fiancee and I made a Blockbuster run, because we were still hoarding our Netflix. While in line I witnessed something ridiculous happen. The clerk actually convinced a couple to put Liam Neeson’s awesome, action flick Taken back on the shelf, and get He’s Just Not That Into You instead.

This leads me to believe 1 of 2 things:

  1. The Clerk is a douche and wants to ruin these people’s night.
  2. The couple has just started dating and the guy was trying to impress her.

Either way, no one who has seen Taken can reasonably say that it’s worse than He’s Just Not That Into You. Of course it’s just my opinion on the matter. Maybe I’m the mad hatter here.