Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince; reviewed.

by Chet


This morning Colie and I stepped out into the brave world of the witching hours to see the newest J.K. Rowling inspired blockbuster, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. First off, it’s been two years since I read this book. This is important to note because I have a terrible time remembering the chain of events in the books that I read last week. However I remembered the main plot line, and the movie corresponds pretty well.

I do not recall Harry meeting a nice girl in the underground before Dumbledore whisks him away to Slughorn’s temporary home. This is pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things, but rolls in with another long running theme that’s much more obvious in the film than the book. Among other things I don’t remember are, the intensity of Lavender’s love for Ron, Aragog’s funeral (totally my fault), Harry’s broken record attitude toward Draco and apparently I remember more than I thought.

They really played Quidditch down in this film, with only the one match ever shown, and Ron’s try-outs for Keeper. This is another one of those things that are great character development in a novel, but can be pretty irrelevant in a movie. I only bring this up because I rather enjoy the Quidditch match scenes.

By far and away Tom Felton takes home my award for best actor. Draco’s struggle with his task is never quite discussed openly. In the book it’s easy for Rowling to explain his emotions to the reader, but in a film its difficult for some actors to display this range of emotion without dialogue. I was continually impressed with Felton throughout the movie, and am kind of curious to seek out some of his other movies to see how he performs. If you disagree with this, then please speak up, let us know who you thought was better!

On the same topic of actors I want to do a quick bit about Helena Bonham Carter. This woman is spectacular at playing roles where the character is flat our crazy. She was awesome as Marla Singer in Fight Club, and now she is the perfect Bellatrix Lestange! Watching her in the movie last night was magnificent. She had very little screen time, but when she did appear with her band of Death Eaters, life was hell.

Sex was a heavily reoccurring theme throughout the film with the screen writers even going so far as to throw in a cheap “Did ya’ do it?” joke. Between girls climbing on boys and kneeling in front of boys, there’s a lot of noticeable sexual tension in Hogwarts. This is understandable since it’s a castle full of teenagers, but where was it in the rest of the films? Is Harry’s class just more rambunctious?

In the end, despite leaving the theatre at nearly three this morning, I still really enjoyed the film. It’s by far my favorite movie so far. Especially after the really disappointing Sirius-Bellatrix battle from Order of the Phoenix. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you should go see this. Maybe wait a few days. If last night is an indicator of anything it’s that this is a big release. The theatre we went to had 9 screenings of the movie going on, and all were sold out.

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