I Am Indefatigable.

by Chet

It’s been more than ten days since my last post here. I used to never want to write a blog without having something meaningful to say, but who’s to say that I won’t develop a meaningful thought while catching my readers up on everythng? Let’s see where this goes!

Foremost, I’ve been using my iPhone for a bit over two weeks now, and I love it. There are a lot of gripes that I’ve read about against the device, but for every complaint that fits me it has a feature which totally out weighs the problem. Hands down my favorite feature has to be the ability to sync my Google contacts with the phone. This has made any business I do on the phone flow nearly seamlessly into my Gmail account. It’s awesome.

Sadly there is not a Google Voice application available on non-jailbroken phones. This only bothers me because I want to use my GVoice account as my freelance number, and I can. An application would just make life simpler. I could probably go on about the major snafu this GVoice stuff has become between AT&T, Apple and Google, but let’s not get boring today.
All in all it’s a dang sweet phone. It has the ability to do so many wonderful things, e.g. I’m writing this blog on it now.
In matters of life, I have only one week left at my internship from today. It’s a pretty surreal thing to realize that in one week I will have packed all of my worldly possessions and said good-bye to the places I’ve called home for so many years. Nicole has been in Lincoln for almost two weeks now. She seems to be enjoying it, save for her occasional bout of lonliness. I’m hoping that I can get there and everything will begin to work out marvelously well. Worst case s enario I spend a bit longer time job hunting there than I’d like to, and settle for a job I would rather not have.
I know everyone needs to work cruddy jobs. It’s a pretty essential life experience. I think I’ve had enough of that. Before my position at SHSU Recreational Sports I worked at another department on campus. It started out great, but within a couple months I loathed the position. From the beginning I was not doing the work I had been hired on to do. Instead they continued to have my predecessor do that work. Which isn’t a problem she was damn good at it, but I did not sign up for this position to be a receptionist. Eventually I made my way out of that office and never looked back. I do have some great friends that came out of there, but those are pretty few in the long run.
On a lighter note I applied for another position in Lincoln yesterday. I’m trying to remain optimistic about it, but everything about this job hunt had been pretty futile so far. I’ll keep this place posted on my job search the best I can.
Going to see Inglorious Basterds tonight. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this film. It’s Tarantino for heaven’s sake! How could it not be awesome, especially since Robert Rodriguez was not involved in this film. I’ll let you guys know what my thoughts are on the show after tonight. It’s two and a half hours long, so we are in for an awesome ride I hope!

Leave me some love, or reviews of Inglorious Basterds if you’ve already seen it. On that note we could just talk about our favorite Tarantino movies altogether.