Learning Lame Lessons

by Chet

Since moving to Nebraska I’ve been on a consistent job hunt, while also attempting to get a freelancing venture going. This past week I had my first contact come in for an ecommerce site to be designed, developed and hosted. I went through the entire process with this client.

That is, we discussed goals for their Web site, design ideas, budget and on and on. After working out exactly what the organization wanted me to do, writing a contract, opening an account at Freshbooks and quoting an estimate of production costs. It was over.

I had been afraid from the beginning that the quote I had given the contact would scare them away, but negotiations continued for almost a week after the initial quote was issued. However excited I was, I should have known better than to count my chicks.

I’ve learned that before the contract is inked by both parties and the checks clear, there is always time for someone to swoop in and completely underbid an account. Sometimes though, the accepted bid is so low it helps you realize that it probably wasn’t the most ideal job to begin with.

Maybe it wasn’t a totally lost experience then. It’s important to always leave an experience with something learned. Hopefully we will always have something positive to walk away with.

Eternally optimistic,