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Month: July, 2010

Feelings Initiated by the House

Are you reading this as a Facebook Note? I promise you, it looks way cooler at it’s site of origin: Please follow the link to see the post with it’s original full-color formatting, and freedom from spoilers. It took much longer to get through House of Leaves, than I originally thought it would. Between […]

Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda

If there’s anything I want to change about my past reading endeavors, it’s that I had picked up Vonnegut in high school. I enjoy is writing style, and stories very much, and would have loved an opportunity to meet him. Lately I’ve found quite a few things on the interwebs that are literary inspired and […]

The Man in White

The first volume of Mark Twain’s autobiography is being published by the University of California Press this year, releasing approximately mid-fall. I’ve always enjoyed Twain quite a bit, and I do enjoy a well written memoir or biography, however I haven’t yet decided if I’ll be able to read all (~)2,100 pages of Twain’s autobiography […]