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Month: April, 2011

Not Just Another Zombie Book

Three years ago I wrote about a short story I fell in love with. Five months later I published a brief review of the author’s self-published novel The Inside. That same month I held an email interview with Isaac Marion. Today I am here to tell you guys that he’s still got it. Today Atria […]

Matthias the almost Warrior

In early March Brian Jacques died. It was sudden, and I was deeply saddened. If you’re not aware of whom Mr. Jacques was, or any of his titles then I think you’re deeply missing out on some of the finest mid-grade literature ever written. It’s been said that Jacques had been a brilliant writer from […]

Shadows on the Wall

Remember way back in 2010 when I wrote about the Enderverse? I said something then about finishing Ender in Exile and writing about it, or something to that effect. Since then I’ve read many, many books, a few of them have been written about here, most of them not so much. I’ve finally come to […]