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Month: May, 2011

Companion Cube, I Love You

Today I’m going to chat about another one of my favorite things in life, video games. Don’t worry though, this will not be a study in everything I’ve ever played, but just a brief showcase of Minecraft. Minecraft is a game where you most basic goals are to mine for assorted blocks, and then build […]

Saturday Book Finds

Saturday was our second trip the Haymarket Farmer’s Market this year, and it was beautiful. It became even better when our dear friend Camie joined us. I happily walked around the market munching on fruit kolaches, fried stuffed poblanos, and a cup of homemade root beer. Wife and Camie chatted and enjoyed themselves as well. […]

Buddy Holly is Eternal

When I was younger and still searching for a literary niche to settle in to for a couple of years my aunt introduced me to a trade edition of Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede by Bradley Denton. I still mark this has my first science-fiction novel. Back in February wife and I […]

King of the Southern Table

At Indigo Bridge we had an incredibly belated holiday staff party, so belated in fact that we just called it a staff party. Our managers decided that rather than have people volunteer which food stuffs they would like to bring, they would assign a particular segment of a meal to each of us. I was […]

First Bookbinding Steps

Approximately one moon ago was my birthday. Upon that day I received some extra funds from various familial sources that I was told to use to procure any particular thing my heart desired. I managed to part with some of this funding over Easter weekend while visiting Gomez Art Supply. They are a lovely establishment […]