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Month: July, 2011

on the study of Ramen amongst those of us Lucky enough to enjoy Peach[es]

I’ve spent this past week reading Lucky Peach, which is a new food quarterly from Momofuku’s David Chang. It was recommended to me by one of my favorite people in Lincoln, not to mention the fact that he’s pretty damn good when it comes to the art of Cookery. I will further the recommendation of […]

Clash of Kings

I’m attempting to get back to the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule that I was following fairly well back in May and part of June. I’m down to just one job now, and that has really opened up a lot more opportunities to do the things I’d like to be doing. So rather than wait until Monday or […]

The Avocado Book

I finally took some photos to show to all of you that I’m not all talk about this book binding stuff. I finished, and have been using my first hardcover blank book for over a month now. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. There are some small things I’d like to improve on […]