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Month: December, 2011


I wrote this at work on Wednesday. Thought sharing it wouldn’t hurt. Writing is an incredibly difficult skill to convince one’s self to practice. The pen moves slowly across the sheet as words and ideas and half truths seep from the brain and eventually through the fingers. A singular cramp in the hand, just north […]

Yep, definitely not an asp.

In between book selections for my book partnership I picked up Lamb by Christopher Moore. It’s a novel that my dear wife has been urging me to read for the better part of 2011; now I’ve finished the book after finally taking up her recommendation and couldn’t be happier with that decision. I want to […]

The Earth is Ablaze with a Destruction Not Even Man Has Imagined

Today is the birth of a new category on this blog: Graphic Novels You bet your britches that was Comic Sans! If ever there is an appropriate place to use that much maligned font face it is when one is discussing comic books and the like. Let’s begin with the sad fact that before I […]

What’s the Catch?

Since my last book related update I’ve been reading. I recently read on someone’s Facebook status that we should all strive to read two books per month. I immediately thought to myself, “That’s my norm.” However through November I read more than two, and I didn’t spend any less time with a book than normal. […]

Where did November go?

I’ve fallen into a pattern. It is the result of having a mostly-full-time job where I spend approximately seven hours of the day staring at one or the other of the two computer monitors sitting on my desk. I sit, I stare, I type some things. Ultimately meaningless, consumerist things that will not matter to […]