Where did November go?

by Chet

I’ve fallen into a pattern. It is the result of having a mostly-full-time job where I spend approximately seven hours of the day staring at one or the other of the two computer monitors sitting on my desk. I sit, I stare, I type some things. Ultimately meaningless, consumerist things that will not matter to the people who take part in these things in a year or so. Frankly they won’t mean much to me at that time either. Each thing is just another thing upon the pile of things I have built from nouns and verbs, with the occasional superlative adjective. Some days this practice, no matter how enjoyable it is at the time, is incredibly draining. That is what set this pattern.

I arrive at home. I shuffle around said home, picking things up, cooking, doing homey things. Eventually I settle on the couch. The television appears to be on. Sometimes I watch it and am entertained, sometimes I hardly hear it. The latter is a nasty habit which should be broken. My laptop is warming my legs. Here I stare at the third such device of the day for X amount of hours until I decide I should sleep and/or attempt to read whatever book I’ve selected for the time being. No matter my ambitions, intentions, nor optimism my time dissolves and fades away. So it goes.

Then it’s December.

I have blogs I want to write, and books I want to read. Stories and ideas pile up in the catacombs of my brain and want to be freed. It’s time to break this pattern, before December decides to disappear as well.