Intentions & Ideas

by Chet

Those of you who have known me for the better part of the last half-decade are aware of the many different forms my blog has taken. I actually believe that this current theme, and title, hold the record for the longest unchanged stretch. Surely this signifies that I am finally happy with, not only the way my blog looks, but the persona I’ve taken on when writing items to share with you all. Today, however, I’d like to start making some content changes.

You see, I finally settled on the simple title of Chet Reads &amp Writes*, because it is concise and informative. It tells the visitor my name, and what can be found here. Then there is that finicky asterisk following it all. Have you ever noticed it before? Have you ever bothered seeking what it was connected to? If not, take your time, I’ll wait.

Found it? It’s obscure on purpose. I thought it would be a sure fire way to get me to do more than just write about what I’ve read lately. A way out of locking myself into a niche. I’ve been ignoring it.

If I’ve learned anything from my current job it is definitely that there are tons of sincere niche bloggers out there. There are also many, many niche blogs that are soley in existence for SEO purposes. Trust me. They exist as link/content farms, to just a place to garner passive income. There are literally millions of people and websites out there who spend all of their time writing content they feel will serve you. Content that they believe you want. Content that the Google notices. This is why the niche is so important. The more obscure the niche, the less work it takes to be high on the SERPs. This is not what I want my blog to be.

I would like my site to be a place where people purposefull come to read the things I wrote. Here’s some news for you, solely writing about obscure and/or books that I love, all the time isn’t all that I am. There are many things about myself that I have been holding back. Not purposefully, but because I have been limiting myself. I sit down to write and think, “Okay, this is what they’re expecting to see from me, not that.” So you end up with another review to read, about some book you may have already heard me talking about.

It’s time to grow.

From now on I want to share more of my original writing, more books that I am reading, just things I’m doing in general. Hell, maybe a picture or two?

Hold me accountable, if you know me, or if you don’t. If for some wayward reason you make your way here, and read this entirely, please by all means, encourage me to move forward.

Thanks for reading, come back again, and again. You’re all welcome here. Except assholes, I don’t appreciate assholes.