Theses and Thats

by Chet

I’m writing blindly. Long lists of words that are cohesive and surround the same subject, supposedly. Each word, furthering the value of the list, is selected for its singular ability to turn apathy into action.

You do not know of your love for this list of words until you see a carefully planted intruder. This word’s goal is simple. Just by reading it you are supposed to become instantly more interested than you were before you saw this word. Does this word actually have power over you, not really, but it has grabbed your interest. You want to know what is beyond that word, what does it mean in this context, is there something there for you? The only way to know is to explore. I can promise you, though you have only committed to exploring the depths of this one word, you will soon be witness to another delicately designed diagram of words, with more reasons for you to split your time and interests.

Behind every word is another motive. Everyone’s motive is the same, do this for that. Rarely is the that all that rewarding that you would like to do that one thing again for the that, that you no longer wish to have received. Theses and thats are not what we want. When will they learn?