by Chet

What’s happening here…am I lost? I am.

With his voice reverberating though the vestibule of semi-consciousness, he was locked in stark darkness. Darkness so deep, there is no escape. The air feels thick in his mouth, pouring down his esophagus, filling his lungs like hot tar. Lungs overflowing, can’t breathe the air any longer, must expel it all.


It won’t leave. Can’t breathe. Lungs beginning to hurt. Pain only experienced once before, recovered from memory like it was still a fresh wound. Feet kicking, arms flailing, body stuck in the swimming pool ladder, eyes seeing the blue sky disappear as vision darkens. Then it happens. A hand on a flailing leg. A pull. Body is free. Head is above water, lungs are filling with air again. Realizing the sky is still there for viewing.

Darkness again.

Still lost. Lungs feel full again, cruel memories playing is all. More fear. Won’t live. Where’s the escape? Darkness begins to fade to nothing. Feeling heavy, losing thoughts…daybreak.

…just a nightmare, that’s all.