Uh… hello?

by Chet

I don’t know if I’ll stick to this or not…

I enjoy writing. I have for years, but never actually make the time for it anymore.

I got to a point where I wouldn’t write unless I felt like I had something to say, but that is incredibly restrictive. It’s essentially led me to never write anything. It doesn’t help that I often feel like I am trying to do too much.

– Work
– Parenting
– Husbanding
– Video Games
– Reading
– Cross Stitching
– Cooking
– Better code development

These are all things I’m interested in, and some of the fall to the side in support of the others. I don’t actually know what to do about it, but here I am. I’m writing words on a website I essentially abandoned 3-ish years ago when I got a new job.

I’m still at that job. I also still love that job, which apparently it’s also harder for me to stop and write things when I don’t hate everything about that I’m doing with my life?

I believe I’ve made it clear that I don’t know what I’m doing with this post, but I think I’m going to start posting again. Once a week? Who knows. I’m not going to try to suss it out now.