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What’s the Catch?

Since my last book related update I’ve been reading. I recently read on someone’s Facebook status that we should all strive to read two books per month. I immediately thought to myself, “That’s my norm.” However through November I read more than two, and I didn’t spend any less time with a book than normal. […]

Where did November go?

I’ve fallen into a pattern. It is the result of having a mostly-full-time job where I spend approximately seven hours of the day staring at one or the other of the two computer monitors sitting on my desk. I sit, I stare, I type some things. Ultimately meaningless, consumerist things that will not matter to […]

Sooner Than You Think!

Alright…It’s been awhile. Let’s get this done. New, and real, blog coming soon. How soon? Sooner than one would believe. Which I have to admit the amount of time you all are willing to believe I consider to be “soon” is bound to be an incredibly long time. I have a to-do list though! I […]

Companion Cube, I Love You

Today I’m going to chat about another one of my favorite things in life, video games. Don’t worry though, this will not be a study in everything I’ve ever played, but just a brief showcase of Minecraft. Minecraft is a game where you most basic goals are to mine for assorted blocks, and then build […]

Buddy Holly is Eternal

When I was younger and still searching for a literary niche to settle in to for a couple of years my aunt introduced me to a trade edition of Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede by Bradley Denton. I still mark this has my first science-fiction novel. Back in February wife and I […]