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Web Designer Declaration of Independence

I’m a huge fan of Web Design standards, and if I could I’d love to work with the W3C more closely. I believe that all Web developers, designers and users should follow their standards and stop taking petty shortcuts. Apparently I’m not alone; I’ve optimistically assumed that I never was alone in this. Sam Dunn […]

Crush My Castle

Today was the last day of classes at Sam. As per usual boredom on campus births many pastimes, or many ways to waste time. Today I found a new game to get me through class. It’s called Crush The Castle, and can be found at Armor Games. It’s a total guy game because it’s all […]

X-Box 360 and Vista Ultimate: A Match Made in Heaven?

ChetG battles it out with X-Box 360 and Windows Vista Ultimate in order to create the ultimate home entertainment package!

I ♥ Republicanism


Introduction to Grammar.

This post isn’t really about anything. I just happened to stumble onto this image and thought of myself. I hope i have friends that agree with the hilarity of this. This image belongs to: