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Stumbled onto this tonight. Decided to share.

Five Minutes of 2010

I wrote this post with a 5 minute timer running. It was something that wife thought could be a good idea to get the creative juices flowing for the day. 2010 has been a good year. Despite the fact that when it began I was probably at the most rotten place I’ve ever been in […]

…And Another Thing [Updated]

Back in September I stumbled upon a forum post at Library Thing about a BBC Meme. This particular meme is very similar to the lists of movies we’ve all read through and marked up in our magic way in order to display our theatrical conquerings. However I prefer this list, because a long list of […]

A New Romp into Journaling

My parents recently came to Lincoln to visit Nicole and I. It was a pretty awesome time! It’s nice to have family around every so often, especially after going nearly a year without seeing them. That though is a story for another blog altogether. Today I’m here to show you guys my fancy new journal! […]

Fun Times with Schrödinger’s Cat & HTML

Schrödinger’s cat is not dead. For more information: [Wikipedia Article] Also see: [User Friendly]