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Re: Mad Brad: Secede to Succeed.

Similar to most collegiate campuses across the globe, SHSU has a student-run newspaper, The Houstonian. When I first came to Sam I was excited at the prospect of having a student paper on campus. In high-school I wanted to start a student paper, but there was no support for it, and even less writing talent. […]

I can see Russia from my house!

Update: Someone has a sense of humor.

All credit for this goes to Truthdig, I just happened to Stumble across it. In lieu of the recent New Yorker/Obama “fiasco” I believe this should definitely be their next cover.


It has become exceedingly apparent that all college age women in the world are part of a secret society. The only ones, who are not part of this “club”, are those that decide to dress and think for themselves in the morning. My latest piece of evidence is the proliferation of dock shoes on the […]

Trouble at Sam Houston State University?

Last week, a lone computer lab at Sam Houston State University announced that they would be seceding from the entire university system. The Statistics of Behavioral Sciences class has joined together to stop class time interruptions. This is a totally unprecedented move as most classes only announce that they are “in session” to keep from […]