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Fun Times with Schrödinger’s Cat & HTML

Schrödinger’s cat is not dead. For more information: [Wikipedia Article] Also see: [User Friendly]

Web Designer Declaration of Independence

I’m a huge fan of Web Design standards, and if I could I’d love to work with the W3C more closely. I believe that all Web developers, designers and users should follow their standards and stop taking petty shortcuts. Apparently I’m not alone; I’ve optimistically assumed that I never was alone in this. Sam Dunn […]

Programmer’s Delight

I’ve finally defeated most of the spammers in the world. I’ve struggled for months trying to solve my spam issues, to finally reach a resolve. There are multiple security techniques mentioned, though not explained. Help is provided if you’re feeling left out.

New, New, New!

Today is the first day of the new life of

Similar to the Panda, it’s a mystery to me how IE has survived.

I recently entered the position of Web master at SHSU Recreational Sports. There are many projects that I am about to embark upon, but my first conquest is “fixing” the navigation bar. The following is the chronicle of my adventure into the land of CSS-only coding and design. Before I begin there are a few […]