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This is No Land for Gods

Whenever I hear the name Neil Gaiman I instantly think, literary superstar. Primarily all of my Gaiman knowledge extended from friends whom loved anything he had ever penned. First hand, all I had to go on was seeing Coraline. Finally, I’ve read my first Gaiman novel. This decision was heavily influenced by several people whose […]

Tralfamadorian Fatalism

Undeniably, Slaughterhouse Five is one of my all time favorite books. People who know me can attest to this based on my willingness to read it more than once. The list of books which I am happy to read again, or stories I want to wander back through is a very short list. Vonnegut’s tale […]

Yep, definitely not an asp.

In between book selections for my book partnership I picked up Lamb by Christopher Moore. It’s a novel that my dear wife has been urging me to read for the better part of 2011; now I’ve finished the book after finally taking up her recommendation and couldn’t be happier with that decision. I want to […]

The Earth is Ablaze with a Destruction Not Even Man Has Imagined

Today is the birth of a new category on this blog: Graphic Novels You bet your britches that was Comic Sans! If ever there is an appropriate place to use that much maligned font face it is when one is discussing comic books and the like. Let’s begin with the sad fact that before I […]

A Storm of Swords

You want to know what to expect from A Storm of Swords? DEATH! I think this may be the bloodiest book in the entire published A Song of Ice and Fire series. On top of all that death expect bizarre alliances to show their malformed and malignant faces. Despite the immense wave of woe that […]