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Uh… hello?

I don’t know if I’ll stick to this or not… I enjoy writing. I have for years, but never actually make the time for it anymore. I got to a point where I wouldn’t write unless I felt like I had something to say, but that is incredibly restrictive. It’s essentially led me to never […]


What’s happening here…am I lost? I am. With his voice reverberating though the vestibule of semi-consciousness, he was locked in stark darkness. Darkness so deep, there is no escape. The air feels thick in his mouth, pouring down his esophagus, filling his lungs like hot tar. Lungs overflowing, can’t breathe the air any longer, must […]

Theses and Thats

I’m writing blindly. Long lists of words that are cohesive and surround the same subject, supposedly. Each word, furthering the value of the list, is selected for its singular ability to turn apathy into action. You do not know of your love for this list of words until you see a carefully planted intruder. This […]


There was a horse named chestnut, and he lived in a barn. By barn I mean studio apartment, and by horse I mean man. Also, by Chestnut I mean Wilson. The man named Wilson, sometimes referred to by the narrator as Chestnut the Gelding, enjoys wearing a dilapidated horse costume in his spare time. Most […]

Used by Dreams

This is a paragraph from a much larger project I’m bouncing around in my head. I have been debating for a little while now on whether or not I wanted to share it or not. That decision has come out in your favor dear readers. I had a dream last night. There isn’t anything compelling […]