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What Happened to Her?

I’ve recently finished Tim O’Brien’s In The Lake of the Woods, one of his few that I had not read before. If you’re at all familiar with O’Brien you know that his novels always relate back to his experiences in Vietnam as an infantryman in the 1960s. His writing isn’t for everyone, but I love […]

Feelings Initiated by the House

Are you reading this as a Facebook Note? I promise you, it looks way cooler at it’s site of origin: Please follow the link to see the post with it’s original full-color formatting, and freedom from spoilers. It took much longer to get through House of Leaves, than I originally thought it would. Between […]

Into the House

I know this doesn’t surprise anyone, but I may be disappearing for a little bit. This week I finally started Mark Z. Danielewski’s behemoth House of Leaves. It’s several hundred pages of brain twisting, hard to follow text that is nightmarish at best. I’m so excited to read this. I know very little about the […]