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…And Another Thing [Updated]

Back in September I stumbled upon a forum post at Library Thing about a BBC Meme. This particular meme is very similar to the lists of movies we’ve all read through and marked up in our magic way in order to display our theatrical conquerings. However I prefer this list, because a long list of […]

Finality from within the House – Johnny Truant

This post may contain information that people who haven’t finished the book don’t want to know. This is part one of the end of my House of Leaves series. I did some reading and some thinking. A lot of people have spent a long time discussing the many, many nuances from this book. I will […]

House of Leaves – My Favorite Page

I don’t usually include images on the blog, however because of the ergodic nature of House of Leaves I want to share my favorite page from the book. I loved this page not only because it starts with a Poe quote, continues with a solid paragraph of Braille, and of course has the Braille translated […]

A Million Little Pieces; A Giant Waste of Time

For the short version of my feelings on this book, read here: K. Chet’s review of A Million Little Pieces on Good Reads Now for the full review: I’m not entirely sure what led me to decide that I should invest time into this book years after Frey’s exposure by Oprah on national television as […]