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What Happened to Her?

I’ve recently finished Tim O’Brien’s In The Lake of the Woods, one of his few that I had not read before. If you’re at all familiar with O’Brien you know that his novels always relate back to his experiences in Vietnam as an infantryman in the 1960s. His writing isn’t for everyone, but I love […]

A Million Little Pieces; A Giant Waste of Time

For the short version of my feelings on this book, read here: K. Chet’s review of A Million Little Pieces on Good Reads Now for the full review: I’m not entirely sure what led me to decide that I should invest time into this book years after Frey’s exposure by Oprah on national television as […]

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince; reviewed.

This morning Colie and I stepped out into the brave world of the witching hours to see the newest J.K. Rowling inspired blockbuster, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. First off, it’s been two years since I read this book. This is important to note because I have a terrible time remembering the chain of […]